Monday, March 23, 2009

Robot Party- Part 3

I tried to have realistic expectations for a party full of two-year-olds so we kept the party very short with only a few organized activities.  When the kids arrived we gave them their robot shirts and those who wanted to put them on. Sara was such a cute model I couldn't resist posting this photo
And I also couldn't resist one of little Miss Laura either (who is five and was a really good sport about going to a two-year-old's party since Creed ADORES her and was insistent that she be there)
The first thing we did was build a robot.  I blew up the robot from the invitation and cut out all the pieces and then the kids helped me put it together.  They loved showing me their heads and arms and pointing out where the robot parts should go.
After that we danced like robots to a soundtrack of robot songs that Larry put together.  There were some pretty awesome robot songs and it was so funny watching the kids.  We have no photos because I was dancing and Larry was videotaping.  Since then Creed keeps breaking out in his robot dance and it cracks us up each and every time.  

After we danced our little robot hearts out we headed to the backyard for Creed to get his big present and share it with his friends.  I was so glad that he loved his new slide.
To help avoid tears while the kids were taking turns we had all of our yard toys out and lots of sidewalk chalk. The kids looked so sweet as they concentrated on drawing.
And this is the sweetest robot that I have ever seen!
It was also great that all the parents stayed for the party so we had lots of help.
Then it was on to eating robot cake (thank goodness I saw this robot cake because Creed was sure that we needed a robot cake and I was not sure how to make one).
Creed took blowing out the candles very seriously.
And the rest of took eating the cake seriously.
And after opening a few presents, the party was over.  We had a hide and seek game planned where we would hide some toy robots in the yard and let the kids find them, but the kids were so happy just playing that we skipped it and kept things short and sweet.
Thanks to all of the friends who helped us celebrate Creed's special day!


Heather said...

The party looks fantastic! I'm so glad it went so well. If only we could've been there to celebrate with you. Congrats big man Creed!

Elisa said...

Amazing party! Those shirts are so fun!

Kelli Radmall said...

Oh my word! Your party looks a-maze-ing (said in a robot voice)! Awesome!

ellen said...

I love the shirts and the cake!! You are the bomb mom!

Mom said...

You are the best Mom! Remmber last year? It was a Duckling Day party! How much he has grown since then!
X mom Cat

Calvin Family said...

I think you are hands down the most creative person! Creed is one lucky boy to have a mommy like you!

Gabriele said...

OMG this party looks incredible! I LOVE the shirt idea!! FANTASTIC!!

I left you an award over at my blog ;)

Melinda said...

My girls love their shirts and had a great time at the party!

Shauna said...

Creed is so cute/handsome! I think he's a good mix of you and Larry.

teacherasmith said...

Hi! How did you stick the robot pieces to the paper?