Thursday, December 13, 2007

We Need a Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute!

Even though Creed's not old enough to really get Christmas, we're excited to share Christmas traditions with him. First, we ordered a Little People Nativity set so that we had one in the house that he could play with.

There are a lot of nativity set for kids out there, but we liked this one because not only is it cute, but there are no small parts that Creed can fit all the way in his mouth. He loves this set because when you push on the angel, the star lights up and plays a song. If you're interested in getting one, they are not sold in stores. You have to buy them online and the best price is straight from the Fisher Price site. We also bought a mini set with shepherds to go along with this one. And did you know that Fisher Price sells other special holiday sets like the Mayflower along with a Thanksgiving Feast? I think that this nativity set would be a great gift for any family with a new baby. And speaking of great family Christmas gift ideas, Gabrielle at DesignMom just received a whole set of costumes for their family nativity pageant. Brilliant! Check it out here.

We also had to take advantage of Logan being in town to get a picture of the boys meeting Santa for the first time.

If you're in central Ohio and want to visit with Santa, note that Tuttle Mall "strongly prefers" that if you visit with Santa, you buy one of their photo packages that starts at $16.00, while Easton only charges $5.00 for a photo and "welcomes" you to take a picture with your own Camera. Unfortunately, we were already at Tuttle and The Santa was so cute and Creed was actually in a good mood so we went ahead while we were there. But isn't this face priceless?
We took our friend Jason's advice to get a good picture with Santa. Creed has a little stranger anxiety so we didn't let him see Santa and backed Creed onto his lap and took the photo right away. It worked pretty well for us.

And if you're looking for a tradition to help your kids focus on giving instead of receiving, my friend Anna had a great idea. This year, each year her family is giving service to someone else everyday. They do little things like scrape their neighbor's windshield. She says that her son Spencer has started asking her every morning, "What are we going to give today, Mom?" Wouldn't you love to hear that?


Tenay Jo said...

I love your little nativity. We have one for Kallen too, but it isn't as cool or as big. Remember Veggie Tales? Well, his nativity is Veggie Tales. It has a french pea in a wheel barrel who is Baby Jesus, Larry is a Wise Man and Bob the Tomato is a Shepard. It sure looks like your Christmas is getting better. I love the pictures of Santa.

Elisa said...

That is a great looking Santa. How fun to have pictures through the years...even when kids are screaming I think they are cute.

I love that nativity and when the kids get older the play mobile one is cute.

Brittany & John said...

We have that nativity too! Great minds think alike :)

Shauna said...

We ordered that same nativity set (I love Little People stuff) a few weeks ago and Josh has been playing with it ever since! Sorry to hear about all your trouble at the beginning of the month - hopefully things continue to improve. Merry Christmas!

Reba said...

Creed looks great in his Santa pictures!

Melinda said...

Yes, naturally, we have this exact same nativity set! And, we love our Thanksgiving feast you mentioned as well. We are too much alike when it comes to Christmas.