Monday, December 03, 2007

Creed Becomes Cultured

The Zozes invited us to join them on a visit to the Columbus Museum of Art to see the Monet exhibit there. Creed seemed to really enjoy the museum (or at least the fact that when he squealed it echoed really loud). We couldn't take pictures of the Monet exhibit, but here are a few other blurry photos.

Creed explaining the merits of this sculpture by Maya Lin (did you know she is originally from Athens, Ohio?) And here he is too busy looking at art to look at the camera
All that looking really wore him out
Saturday we decided to brave the cold and check out Holiday Hop. The first Saturday of every month, all of the galleries in the short north stay open late and the most random crowd you've ever seen browse the galleries and shops. Christmas time there is totally crazy and fun. We took a free carriage ride.
We shopped, saw a few exhibits, and tried to stay warm. There was so much going on, I don't think Creed even realized he was cold. There was a salon with models dressed up sort Marie Antoinette style with the craziest hairdos. Creed's not sure what to think about this one.

The Sort North was also holding a window display competition so there was holiday cheer everywhere you looked, which made for a fun night.

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Nana said...

I am a recent blogger and found you thru my daughter who found you thru her blogging friends. I want to thank you for all your helpful ideas and especially the directions. My daughter loved your sister's apron so with the help of your directions I made her one and also 1 for each of her sisters and my granddaughters. Thank you.