Monday, December 10, 2007

Time flies when you're having fun

Thanks to $10 Skybus tickets, the Garners are here (well, they are all supposed to be here, but Mike had to work over the weekend so Marissa and Logan came on their own). They arrived Friday night and we've been having fun ever since. Saturday we spent the afternoon visiting with the Erneys and then we spent some time viewing Wildlights at the Zoo (out advent activity for the day). It was really cold so we bundled up. Doesn't Logan look cozy?I need to get some pictures from Riss because you can't even see the lights in my pictures. Creed loves lights these days so he was having fun looking around.We took a lot of breaks indoors to warm up so here we are in the gift shop. Don't worry, these freaky masks did not come home with us! Sunday our advent activity was driving around to see the streets lit with luminaries during Village Lights in German Village. It was fun to see the booths with free cider, and the musicians on the corners, and the homes all decorated for the holidays. We had to take full advantage of the minivan rental so we picked up Eva and Kirk and brought them along. The only picture that I have is all of us enjoying chocolate banana bread at Kirk and Eva's afterward because it was too cold to actually get out of the van to take pictures.
We've also been reading a Christmas book every day. It's so much fun to have family around at Christmas.


Larry said...

So much fun we're having. But Steph, you can't say that those tiger masks are not freaky!

Mom said...

SO - I hope you are seriously planning to spend Christmas with the Erney/Hudsons - we will alll be disappointed if you don;pt come. I've already stared on Creed's stocking....

Kim said... much fun and we are not there to have too.