Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Well, snow will be here tomorrow, but we made some snowflakes Wednesday night. I was glad that I had something to look forward to after dropping Marissa and Logan off at the airport. My friend Reba is moving away next week and she requested a snowflake cutting party for her going away party. She's the guest of honor at the head of the table. I reviewed how to make a six-point snowflake with everyone and then Amy taught how to make eight-point snowflakes. We also got to try out making 3-D snowflakes and they turned out so pretty. You can find a tutorial here. Of course the best party of the evening was just visiting with friends. The party was bitter-sweet because I'm not ready for Reba to move on.


J.R., Meg, and Alyssa said...

Every year the first day back from Christmas break in January I would teach my students how to make 3-D snowflakes. They are really fun and made my classroom a winter wonderland hanging from the ceiling--probably a violation to fire code as well!

~~wenhether~~ said...

Thank you for the link to the tutorial! I am going to make some of these tonight.

Reba said...

The party was so much fun! And I agree--I'm not ready to leave, either!!