Thursday, December 27, 2007

Homemade Christmas Project #1

Ok, this wasn't really supposed to be a Christmas present, but I didn't deliver it earlier so it ended up being a Christmas gift.

My friend Nikki just made partner at her firm so I wanted to make something special to congratulate her on such a big achievement so I decided to make her a felt cake; something to congratulate her, that her daughter Audrey can play with when she gets older. I've seen felt cakes all over online, but they have really cute ones here. They are just plain white felt cakes that come with a lot of felt shapes that will stick to them so kids can decorate them over and over. The twinkle cakes you see through the link are made on upholstery foam, but I decided to make mine on hollow boxes that can stack inside themselves for easy storage.

My friend Reba and I made these together, and they are pretty simple. We just got a big sheet of white felt and sprayed it with spray adhesive and wrapped it around our boxes. Reba cut all of her felt decorations by hand and they turns out really cute. You can see hers here.

I just bought pre-cut felt shapes at the scrapbooking store for Nikki's cake because they had the word "celebrate" and a lot of other fun shapes and I already had a long homemade Christmas list to work on. Here's how mine turned out.

They are really easy to make, but if you attempt your own and you have any questions, just let me know.


emily said...

That is such a cool idea!! I've never heard of such a thing! And with all the cool felt embellishments out these days, it's perfect. It's not like I have any need for this but now I want to make one so bad!!! Yours looks fabulous!

Reba said...

This turned out so cute! I really like the embellishments you chose.