Sunday, April 11, 2010

When I Grow Up I Want to Be Just Like My Older Sister

What's that? She's only two years older than me? Well, that gives me two years to get my act together, right?
Candice flew out a few days after Ollie was born to take pictures. Meanwhile, I was an emotional mess, and not feeling great about myself and she helped me put myself back together. She is WAY more stylish than me, and I'm jealous of the clothes she puts together every time I see her (I tell myself this is because I have no money to spend on clothes, but honestly, it's because she is talented that way). Oh, and did I mention that her house looks like this? (I'll have to ask her if I can share some of the other photos I have because it is AMAZING).
While we were picking up photo props at Target I made her pick out a few thing for me to wear postpartum. Of course they were things that I never would have picked and of course she was right about all of them. She helped me and my mom sort through all of my old clothes and toss about half of them, which felt much better than you might think. I was so sad when she had to go. I need more time with both of my sisters. Her short visit left me wishing that she lived next door, and we could hang out all the time. I guess that next best thing is that she started blogging again! Oh, how I have missed her blog. If you need a little Candice in your life too, you can check in on her here.
Or even better, you could sign up to go to France and pick up some photography tips from her (Yes, she hangs out with cool people like Nicole Hill and stays in places like Stephmodo's la Maisonette. See, you want to be like her when you grow up too, don't you?)


candice said...

I miss you too! And I'm NOT very stylish but I love you even more for thing it. Thank you for writing this it made my day. The funny thing is I've been writing up future post about you are rissa.

Cheers! Fla said...

Hello Steph, my name is Flavia and I love your blog, especially because my daughter was born March 07 and I know Creed has his bday close to hers. I've never commented before, but now I think I should. Yes, your sister is gorgeous and her house looks fab, but you are sooo talented! Everytime I read a post I keep telling myself I wish I was this talented, patient, etc. Congratulations for your gorgeous family.