Monday, April 26, 2010

Ollie at Two Months

I can't believe Oliver is already two months old! He's changed so much in the past few weeks. My favorite change is that he has started to smile! Larry is the best at getting him to smile and he was not at home when I took these pictures today so unfortunately, I didn't catch him grinning, but I promise to try soon!
He has started filling out a lot and is finally starting to get some chubby cheeks and rolls! He's still fairly skinny though so he's in the 90th percentile for height (I think 22 and 3/4 ") and 25th for weight at 11 lbs. even (but that's up from the 10th percentile so he's doing well)
Our doctor kept commenting on how active Ollie is so I guess he takes after Creed. Sadly, he also is starting to get reflux like Creed too. He's on the first medication they tried with Creed at this age and he hates it. He squeals and sobs every time that I give it to him and it makes me so sad.
He still is so calm and relaxed compared to Creed as a baby (maybe it's because we have a better idea of what we're doing this time around?)
I was hoping to get some better pictures of him, but this photo shoot quickly went from this
to this so it ended quickly.
Creed decided that I should take a picture of him with the letter O instead. When I asked him why, he said, "Because I love Oliver!" I guess Creed has come a long way too because the first month of Ollie's life, Creed insisted on calling him "Yellow" and got upset every time we called him Oliver instead.


J.R. and Meg +2 said...

Ollie is adorable!! Fun to see differences in your two kids looks as well. I love that Creed wanted to call him yellow--too funny. At least you know it is a term of endearment for how much he hearts the color:).

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

I love the one of Ollie crying. So cute!