Friday, April 02, 2010

Progress Report

Remember my monthly To-Do list? This is my progress report so far.
  1. Continue searching for the letters to spell out Abra Cadabra in Creed's room. I only need to find one more A and an R. I know that I could order them online, but I sort of love the thrill of the hunt that collecting something brings. Do you collect anything? Do you feel that way?
  2. Write bunches of Thank you notes to all of our wonderful friends for all of the great things they did for us after Ollie's arrival - Well, I started, but I have a long way to go
  3. Throw a birthday party for Creed - DONE!
  4. Survive Larry going to a conference in Georgia for several days - DONE! Thanks to my parents for letting us crash there for a while.
  5. Design Ollie's birth announcements
  6. Track down and sample the Chow Truck (Haute Asian Cuisine on the go in a cart that moves around the city? I HAVE to try that!) - Attempted, but it switched locations so it wasn't where we thought it was. We will try again soon!
  7. Attend the Holi festival in two weeks (I'm not sure that we can work out babysitting though so we'll see about this one) - We had everything set, even a babysitter (Thank you Aunt Nina) and then BOTH boys got sick the night before. I was so sad to miss it!
  8. Start taking Ollie's monthly photos - DONE!
  9. Visit Wheeler Farm to see if new baby animals have started arriving
  10. Hold a Moonlight-flashlight Easter egg hunt for grown-ups - DONE!
  11. Try the Sesame Chicken Salad Wrap at Les Madeleines - DONE! It was delicious.
  12. Hit up a couple of letterboxes around the city when we need an adventure on a sunny day. We found one and hope to make it out again.
  13. Make some Easter Egg cozies when I get the crafting urge.
  14. Make good use of my new waffle iron for Belgian cookies. - Made them once.
  15. Grow some Wheatgrass (not to juice, we're not THAT healthy around here, just to decorate, although I have no idea where to find the seeds to get started. Whole Foods?)
  16. Visit the new Penguin exhibit at our local aquarium after it opens in two weeks (because you know how Creed adores penguins)
  17. Take some new photobooth pictures. It's been way too long since our last photobooth session and I've been saving up my single dollar bills, but I'm not sure if this one will happen because both of the booths we used near us have been removed! We'll just have to try to go when we're visiting family in Provo. - Attempted but the first photobooth we tried was removed and the second was out of order. What a pain!
  18. Sign Creed up for swim lessons - DONE! and we already finished the two week session. More about that later.
  19. Try some new, easy dinner recipes. I am a horrible cook. Do you have any favorite recipes that you'd like to share because I don't think my family can continue to live on pancakes and frozen pizza?
I still have two weeks to accomplish the rest, but I'm feeling happy with where I am so far. On top of all of that I managed to get my hair cut (It's been way too long).
And I made a short appearance on a local show called Studio 5. This is the lovely Stephanie Bryson helping me set up for my segment. Now I have being on live TV to add to my list of 29 new things to try for the year.


Beazer said...

Nice progress. And that's super cool to have done a tv segment. What were you on for? Is there a clip? Wow, I know someone famous.

I'll have to email you some recipes. We've got some good ones that make nice freezer meals to pull out later.

ellen said...

I have some recipes for you! Send me your mailing address and I'll get them to you pronto (

Mom said...

YOU WERE ON TV?? WOW - Steph - that's HUGE! We talked about you today at Duckling Day - rememerb Creed's forst? It snowed! And Marissa stole your coat because she was preggers?? You have to share the deets of your TV appearance - from the set=up it looks like a typical Stephanie uber-creative craft. Happy Easter to you all! love Mom Cat

Reba said...

any hope of seeing a clip of your tv debut? I love your haircut/glasses look. I didn't realize you had such cute freckles.

candice said...

The video is online just look up studio 5 in Utah and past guests! You did so awesome! I loved it when you cracked the egg on the host...he didn't seem to happy about that lol. Mom, Mark and I thought you were totally a natural. Great job!

Melinda said...

I thought you were amazing on the show too and can't believe that I had to find out you were doing it by walking into it while VT-ing. Let's get one of those on your list done when we get together this week! Hopefully you'll enjoy the easy recipe I'm bringing you! MUCH LOVE!

Dani said...

Stephanie, I don't understand how it is possible for one human being to be so creative and fun and yet down to earth and cool. But I'm glad about it. :)