Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Progress report - Part Two

I finished almost everything on my monthly to do list!

I grew Wheat Grass for the first time (thanks to Brenna's mom for passing along the wheat)
We ate lunch at the Chow Truck (pretend Larry and Creed are in focus in the picture)
It was delicious and these pictures are making me hungry!
And Creed, Ollie and I ventured out to Wheeler Farm (although there are no pictures of Ollie because he was strapped to me in the Moby Wrap). Creed wanted to spend the whole time watching the ducks, but I am scared of ducks (no, I am not joking, they swam around you in big groups and I swear they are planning to take over the world) so eventually I convinced him to move on.
The pictures speak for themselves

I snuck this one of him on the tractor ride. He held my hand the whole time. I don't want him to grow up!


acutely cherished said...

Looks like so much fun! Hope everything is going better as far as the housing situation!

Larry said...

I ditto the growing up thing. I love how he still climbs on my lap to read a book, likes to snuggle, wants to play trains with me, and is cute in everything he does!

Mom said...

With everything on your plate you accomplished your to do list? I AM IMPRESSED!

Brooke said...

My kids LOVE Wheeler Farm too :)

My basement is unfinished and empty if you need to store anything for awhile (though I must warn you that it will all most definately get dusty down there). Good luck with everything going on and let me know if I can help with the moving (or watching kids while you pack).