Monday, April 05, 2010

Creed's Easter Birthday Party - Part 3 - The Food

Of course, bunnies need carrots and I found these beautiful rainbow carrots to share with the bunnies at our party.

We kept the food pretty simple.
box lunches for all the kids with string cheese, strawberries, a juice box, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut into an egg shape. I made the boxes using this template from Martha Stewart.
Then I also made egg-shaped sugar cookies

And cupcakes that looked like they had grass on them with a chocolate egg in the middle.

We had mini water bottles on hand too.

The carrots were actually the most popular item. Larry ended up pulling out more carrots to serve because I think the kids like having a giant carrot all to themselves. Or maybe they were really into being bunnies, who knows?


Nikki said...

Mental note - pretend to be bunnies in order to get Audrey to eat carrots. I LOVE all of the details of the party, Steph - clearly it was a hit!

Larry said...

What Steph didn't include was, mid-party, one of the little boys in attendance stopping and exclaiming to him Mom, "Mom, this is the best party EVER!"