Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ollie goes on his first weekend getaway

So last week when we were having a horrible week, our friends the Davids had a horrible week too. They called us and asked us if we wanted to join them for a weekend getaway and we said YES! Hotel rooms in Park City are really cheap now because it's off season there so we were off. It was a great weekend. I only wish I pulled my camera out a little more often.

We got to see a Banksy in person!!!! (I wasn't sure if any of his work would be left after Sundance and was so happy to discover this one was still there!)
We lounged around in our hotel rooms a lot.
We ate a lot of amazing food including the bread pudding French toast with strawberries and peaches at The Homestead.

We made new friends
We walked around downtown
We came home with good finds from the outlets (every store we went into had pretty much everything on sale)

We toured Homestead Crater (something on my list of things that I wanted to do in Utah)
This is the only picture that I got of the Davids and it's missing Jeff and Baby Ruby
We did a little thrift shopping

Some of us swam in the pool.

And we lounged around the hotel a little more.
It was a pretty great weekend!


Reba said...

so fun! I love your pictures, Steph.

mandi said...

oh- that town is cute, cute!
i'm glad you guys got away for a weekend. i know we don't know each other, but girl, i have been thinking about you guys and all that you are going through right now. hang in there, mama!

taniawillis said...

first and last photos....PRICELESS.

taniawillis said... look beautiful!

Larry said...

That pool was COLD. But a fun weekend.

It's so much harder to take pictures, now that there is usually one of up assigned to each child. I used to think it funny how there are always millions of pictures of child #1, then thousands of pictures of #2, then scores of pictures of child #3. I figured the novelty of everything wore off with each succeeding child. While there may be some of that, the biggest reason why there are fewer pictures of child #2 is that we're busy with child #1 and #2, and it's harder to take pictures, taking care of two kids.

Mom said...

Happy Mothers' Day to a wonderful Mom who brings such joy & creativity to her children on a daily basis; who's life is on grand adventure after another. Your enthusiasm and zset for life are legendary - did I mention creaivity? It's worth mentioning again. HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!
love, Mom Cat