Monday, April 05, 2010

Creed's Easter Birthday Party - Part 4 - The Activities

When Creed's friends arrived we had bunny ears for each of them.
Creed already had a pari that he was very attached to so his was a little different and I added a party hat that I made with a number three on it.
They were all very cute and excited to pretend to be Easter bunnies. First, they each took turns hiding a big egg and looking for it.
Then we talked about how the Easter bunny has to be very smart and tricky so we went on a hunt for bunny treasure and had to figure out the tricky clues. The clues were little egg-shaped cards hidden all over the house.
And they ended at this bunny treasure (Carrot-shaped bottles of bubbles).
They were a hit.
And after blowing bubbles, a special guest arrived; a real bunny! The kids were so excited and I wish I could have caught a picutre of Creed's face when the bunny arrived. He looked like he was going to burst with joy (it helped that the bunny belonged to his favorite babysitter, who he wanted to invite to his party)
After that we headed outside for the big event the kids were all looking forward to, an Easter egg hunt. I had baskets waiting for the kids and told them each to find eggs the same color as their basket. That way everyone got the same amount of eggs and I could make sure they all got the same things in them so there was no arguing.
The kids were all really good and excited to help each other when they found each other's eggs.
We also hid cascarones (confetti filled eggs) that made the hunt a little more fun.
I tried not to put too much candy in the eggs since they were sure to get more this weekend and I had fun looking for things to put in the egg. I made these bunny finger puppets using this tutorial from the Purl Bee.

There was egg-shaped sidewalk chalk
egg-shaped wooden tops
punching balloons and those little capsules that dissolve in water and fun-shaped sponges pop out of (I loved those when I was little and Creed's at the perfect age to think that they are amazing)
Easter tattoos (ok, Easter and tattoo, don't exactly go together, but hey, I had a lot of eggs to fill!)

It was nice to be able to send each guest home with a basket full of goodies
The party went well and this picture of Creed says it all.


Cheryl Brismeyer said...

Some day, when my kids are grumpy teenagers who want to do nothing but send text messages (or whatever it is they'll be doing by then -- maybe sending holographic images of themselves), then I'll miss all of this. I'll miss the overabundance of candy and the egg dying, and even hiding... gosh they grow up way toooooo fast!

Ellen said...

You are WAAAY too amazing! Seriously! Didn't you just have a baby too!?!? WOW!!

Krista Hansen said...

You are SO amazing!!! His face in the last picture is so perfectly happy. I can't believe that you did all that with 2 kids. You're a much better woman and mom than me. Your kids are so lucky to have you.

jess said...

I love all the little details and thought you put into this party! (and all your parties) You are amazing, doing this with a brand new baby too! Way to go!

Amy said...

I, too, love the details and fun things you put together with a new baby in tow! Amazing. Like I've said before, we really should be friends.

FYI, we like letterboxing as well. I didn't know it was called that but we search for "cache" boxes here in Texas and I just tell James we're going on a treasure hunt.

Congrats on your new little Ollie. He's precious!

Melissa Rose said...

Curious as to where you got the carrot bubbles?