Saturday, April 03, 2010

Creed's Easter Birthday Party - Part 1 - The Invitations

I REALLY wanted Creed to have a Where the Wild Things are Birthday Party, but he did not go for it. Then I hoped he would have a penguin party to visit the new penguin exhibit at the aquarium (that would have been so easy, they even do a treasure hunt for you), but in the end, he was sure that he wanted an Easter party. I'm actually glad that's the theme he stuck with because he won't always be excited to pretend to be an Easter bunny and the kids were so cute! Just wait till you see!

I put off doing the invitations while we were debating themes so I put these together in a rush (we're talking I had an hour to make them and deliver them). I made the front of the cars using this idea from Martha Stewart and fabric scraps that I had on hand.
Note to self: Iron the fabric next time. Oh well, I was in a hurry.
Then I just made the inside really simple


Nikki said...

It simply amazes me what you can throw together in an hour! Love it, Steph!

Sarah said...

wow ur so crafty and so talented! With our daughter's b-day invitation, it was via evite! lol

Shar said...

these look great! i agree with nikki - i'm always amazed at what you put together so quickly. everything turns out awesome! i can't wait to see the rest of the party details. :)