Monday, April 05, 2010

Creed's Easter Birthday Party - Part 2 - The Decorations

One of the best parts of Creed choosing to have an Easter Birthday party is that we could just pull out the Easter decorations we already had to decorate for the party. Like this wreath.
And this little guy.
And then I just put plastic eggs in vases around the house.

We did have a few extra decorations just for Creed's party. I downloaded and put together these little chicks and bunnies from Mibo Studio.

I put up the yellow bunting that I made last year for Creed's birthday
and slipped the new pictures that Candice took in to the frames in my dining room with sheets of scrapbooking paper behind them.
Then I cut out plain white bunny silhouettes and stuck them all over the front lawn. This was so cheap and I loved how cute they looked.
We put the food table in the back yard (because toddlers are messy eaters, and then I had a lot less to clean up). and I made this happy birthday banner to hang above the table
So simple and cheap, but I love how festive everything turned out!


Mom said...

You are so wonderfully creative dear - what a GREAT party!

Anna said...

Seriously, what wonderful parties you throw. Creed is a lucky boy. And I feel lucky to have such good inspiration for throwing parties for our little one someday.

Dani said...

Stephanie, you blow me away.

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

The bunting is gorgeous!