Monday, July 24, 2006

Whirlwind weekend

First of all, I finally got my pictures printed and framed, and I no longer have newspaper templates hanging on my living room wall. It’s sort of sad that this is such a big achievement, but I’ve been trying to get to it for ages.

After I framed the pictures on Friday, Larry and I made a trip to Super Suppers to fill our freezer because we really need some dinner inspiration and we really do not feel like meal planning and cooking when we have so many other fun things to do this summer. We were much faster this time around. We even had part of the evening left over to meet with Donny and Jessica for ice cream.

Saturday we picked up Donny and Jessica (seriously, I love having them just around the corner) and spent a few hours exploring the shops in Old Powell. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile because Old Powell just looks so cute and I’ve been so curious about their fun shops and antique stores. One of my favorite shops was this bead shop.

Larry enjoyed the pink flamingos outside.

There was a really cool antique bench from a bowling alley in one of the stores and I would have been tempted to buy it if we had any room for it. Larry fell in love with an antique desk at a store called The Collection because it was massive and he could sit at it and actually swing his legs because they didn’t touch the ground (I wasn’t too sad that there was no way for it to fit around our angled staircase into our office). I did love the way they had the front of their store counter painted with little metal stars stuck on it.

And speaking of cute, these were our guests for dinner after church on Sunday, Katherine & Cassie Richardson. I made Catherine dinner (salmon cakes) and she made us dinner (curry chicken) so we had a feast. In our last apartment we lived so close, and I miss seeing Catherine all the time so it was especially nice to be able to visit while her husband was on call.

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