Friday, July 28, 2006

Bedtime stories

Last night we headed to Rita's Italian Ice at my dad's request. Grant always orders the same thing, Blueberry Italian Ice because it's blue for boys. He almost had a meltdown when they had no blue flavors, but he finally settled for wildberry because even though it's purple, it has blueberries in it.
After we headed home, I entertained the boys with the video feature on my digital camera. As I was putting them to bed, Grant asked if we could videotape his favorite bedtime story. I convinced him to read it while I videotaped. There's just something so cute about a kindergartener reading. Too bad it's such a poor quality video with dim lighting and I couldn't edit it to show you the last two minutes instead of the first two minutes because he reads the end with such funny emotions.

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After Grant read his story, Cole wanted to "read" for the camera too. Too cute!

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PS - They're going to bed on the floor in the hall outside of my bedroom because I told them they could sleep wherever they wanted and that is what they decided on.

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Melinda said...

I love the video! Super cute.