Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Meet the Grandparents - Part 1

On our recent trip we saw all four of a grandparents, a rare occurrence indeed. Since both sets of grandparents lived in Sacramento I only saw them sporadically, but I've always looked forward to visits with them. I think the last time I saw my Grandma and Grandpa Borup was at my wedding. With Larry's Grandpa Ford's health failing, I appreciated my time with them even more then usual, and since they are so great, you get to meet them too.

I just realized that I only have picture of My Grandma and Grandpa Borup with me at the moment so you get to meet the Carrs later.

Introducing Valeen Margrett Borup (and her new puppy Max)
Yes, I know I am a horrible photographer, but doesn't she look like the kind of cool Grandma everyone wishes they had? Grandma Borup is more in style than me these days. She has so many amazing things from their travels all over the world decorating her house that it looks like a museum. The only reason the wall behind her is blank is that they just moved to Provo, UT.

I think I get a lot of my creativity from my Grandma Borup. She travels the world collecting beads and other unusual pieces for the jewelry she makes and sells at art shows (which is too expensive for me to buy so that's another bonus to being related to her). While some grandparents travel to touristy spots to relax, the Borup have grand adventures. This spring they went on a cruise of some part of Europe (the Danube maybe? It's too hard to keep track) and after two weeks at home they left for a river tour of the Amazon that was several weeks long. I get the most interesting Christmas presents from my Grandma Borup with little notes that say things like, "I found this little golden owl while I was traveling in Burma and it was just too good to resist."

She is an honest, opinionated artist and I love that about her.

And this is Byron Borup

My grandma told me that I didn't want a picture of him in that outfit, but I think it says a lot about him. First the flag suspenders, granted it was the Fourth of July, but I think is shows how patriotic he is. He was a marine and he served in the Korean War. Second, the Tomasso's Italian Ice T-shirt, he wore it in support of the shop my Uncle's are opening. My dad says that he's never met a man who is more tender-hearted and loving than his father and I don't think you can receive higher praise than that.

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