Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy Monday

I'm in a good mood today. Maybe it's because I'm wearing new shoes

Or maybe it's because Fuse #8 posted another link to a post on my children's book club blog.

Or it could be the CD that I'm listening to, which Larry made for my Easter basket, and I finally remembered to bring into work. Who can resist a little My United States of Whatever to brighten their workday?

We had a relaxing weekend. It started with surprise overnight visitors on Friday night.

Dayna's kids are adorable, but I still don't know which one is Jenna and which one is Rachel. After they headed out to Utah on Saturday we ran our usual weekend errands and then met up with our friends Eric and Rachel Freeman. We stopped at City barbecue for some of the best barbecue in Columbus.

Then it was on to Picnic with the Pops. The Big Bad Voodoo Daddies were playing with the Columbus symphony. It was pretty warm, but there's something about an outdoor concert with fireflies and people waving sparklers instead of lighters and old ladies dancing on the lawn that made it enchanting.

Here are the Freemans enjoying the concert.

And here's how Larry enjoyed the concert. Oh well, a doctor's got to sleep, right?


Melinda said...

I love the shoes. I'm obsessed with the little ballet flats lately!

Anonymous said...

You are always having so much fun. We look forward to having fun with you on Thurs