Thursday, July 27, 2006

House guests

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed by life the last few days so consquently, I haven't been doing anything fun to tell you about. Sorry! My parents arrived last night with Candice's kids. They'll be babysitting the boys at our house over the weekend while Candice is teaching some scrapbooking/photography classes and visiting with friends in Atlanta and Mark finishes his run at the Virginia Shakespeare festival. I did find time to buy some pajamas to continue the tradition of providing pajamas for our guests from out of state. Here they are at the foot of the bed in our guestroom.

And since Candice NEVER updates her blog, you can see pictures of her in Atlanta yesterday at her friends Elsie and Danielle's blogs. I wish I was there with her. It looks like they are having fun.

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Elisa said...

I love the pj idea!! We live in state so we get too many visitors to do that now. After my husband graduates who knows were we will be. I am going to tuck that gem of an idea away for future use.