Sunday, July 02, 2006

On the Road Again!

After some seriously competitive miniature golf (Larry and I tied for last place), here's how we spent our last night at Lake Tahoe. Don't let my innocent looking grandparents fool you, they are ruthless card players.

This picture is just for Lish because I promised her a picture of one of the animal heads hanging at my grandparents cabin (I'm not sure that she really believed me).

Saturday Larry headed back to Ohio and I drove to Utah with my parents. This is how the drive looked:

Ya, that's my mom walking around on the freeway because we were completely stopped for an hour in the middle of the dessert in Nevada. What should have been a nine hour drive turned into a 12 hour drive, but it gave my dad an opportunity to stop and check out the Thunder Mountain Indian Monument (one of the weirder things that I've seen in my life).

Now I'm safe and sound for a couple of days in good old Provo, Utah. More to come!


Whitney said...

Hi Stephanie. It was great seeing you! And now it's great reading your blog. Everything is great. Especially The 4th of July. That's great.
I was thinking about how we used to play mail man at your house and how that was somehow the coolest thing McKenzie and I ever did. And puzzle museums. Remember those?
Take care back in Ohio. I was serious about visiting. Especially if I end up getting into that grad school, I'll have to come check it out.

Larry said...

Steph - a very fun trip. We should definitely do it again.

Whitney - do visit, you'd certainly be welcome and who doesn't want to visit Ohio?!? (Or at least Steph and I)