Friday, July 21, 2006

Save the drama for your mama!

I just had the worst Wal-Mart experience ever. I never ever get good service there, but today was particularly bad. Wal-Mart is the closest place to my office to develop pictures so I submitted my grandparents wedding pictures through their site for 1 hour development so I could pick them up during my lunch hour. When I got there over 2 1/2 hours later, they said the pictures weren't ready, and I would have to wait an hour. I asked, "Didn't I submit them for 1 hour service?" And they confirmed that I did, but they hadn't noticed the order until 5 minutes earlier. Great!

After wandering around for awhile I went back to pick up my pictures, and just as I was paying for them, the girl at the counter asked to see my release from the professional photographer. I told her that I didn't have one, they weren't from a professional photographer, they were from old photos that my dad scanned and then we both digitally retouched them and both of the photos were over 50 year old. She said that she either needed a release or an original negative or I wouldn't get my pictures. I told her that there was no possible way I would ever be able to get those things so she turned around and shredded the pictures. SHE SHREDDED MY GRANDPARENTS' WEDDING PICTURES!!!!!! It was so sad!

I called Cord Camera and told them the whole story and they were totally nice and said that if they looked professional all I had to do is sign a release saying I won't use them professionally or sell them. They should be ready in about an hour.

Here they are for your enjoyment.

Byron & Margrett Borup

Lamont & Billee Lou Carr


Mom to Allison and James said...

Holy Cow!! The same thing almost exactly happened to me. I was getting some old photos of my grandparents on their mission printed for me to frame and put in my house and first they couldn't find the photos forever and I had my two kids with me. After waiting about 1 hour they asked me to come back the next day. Then when I did, they wouldn't give me the photos. I went across the street to Mejer and told them about it and they helped me in less than an hour. From then on I vowed never to go to Walmart again for anything, but I have. I wrote them a letter about it and they called and apologized, but it didn't help me. So I have to tell you I simpathize. OH and I love the photos of your grandparents so cute!!

Elisa said...

I love the photos of your Grandparents! They look great.

Death to Walmart!! I am from a small Utah town (I don't live there now) the local economy has been overthrown by the evil Walmart empire.
I love you blog. I have been following your book blog for a few months. love it love it love it.