Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Leaping Ligers

My neighbor is in charge of a Boy Scout Troop that's putting on a 5K Fundraiser and he asked me to put together a design for a t-shirt. This project has been the biggest pain for several reasons:

  1. They already had a design that another graphic designer created for them, which they did not like, but they wanted me to work from instead having a fresh start
  2. There were several people who had to approve this project, but none of them were in charge and they all kept disagreeing, which translates to several drafts for me.
  3. They needed everything right away because they need the T-shirts printed right away and I already have a real job that takes up a fair amount of my time.

I think we finally have it all worked out though and here's what the front looks like(Except imagine it printing in a bold yellow on navy blue shirts (Boy Scout colors, but doesn't that seem hot to run in?)) Anyway, there's still time to sign up to run to get one of these beautiful shirts!

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