Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Meet the Grandparents - Part 2

And now I would like to introduce you to my grandmother Billee Lou Carr.

I'm sure that you can already tell where I inherited my love of dishes. In fact, one of the plates in my leaf plate collection is from her.

My Grandma Carr grew up around Hollywood during the golden Hollywood era. I love watching old musicals with her because she knows everyone. She even went to high school with Debbie Reynolds. She was gorgeous, but her parents wouldn't let her be in movies because they didn't want her running with the Hollywood crowd. Instead she had a job singing the commercials on the radio with her sister. When she met my grandpa she was hiding in a coat closet thinking he was a guy she was hoping to avoid. He said it was not the best first impression and neither of them were particularly thrilled to end up on a date together, but once they danced together they fell in love.

Larry's favorite fact about this grandma is that she dated the actor who played Johnny Lingo in a Mormon movie.

I also inherited my obsession with holiday decorations from this grandma. When I was little I remember being amazed when my mom told me that my grandma had at least 60 boxes of Christmas decorations and it takes her weeks to decorate the whole house. Now I must say my mom has eclipsed her and I am well on my way.

Now I would like you to meet Lamont Carr
Grandpa Carr was an orthodontist with some interesting hobbies; he raised homing pigeons and has several trophies to show for it, he loves managing his investments in the stock market, and at times he has traveled with BYU's archeology team to Egypt where he ages the mummies by their teeth. He also used to be an amazing yodeler, but he doesn't sign since he had a virus that damaged his vocal chords.

I definitely got my lifelong quest for learning from my Grandpa Carr. My grandma says if it was up to him he would still be in school working on his millionth degree. These days he's busy traveling to glamorous spots all over the world with my grandmother.

I'd be pretty happy with my life if it turns out anything near theirs.

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