Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Show and Tell

We're finally getting around to hanging up some art around here. It makes it feel so much more like home, and I can't wait to share some of the fun pieces we have.  We're just starting to build up an art collection (we have a lifetime to do that, right?) so for now, we're mostly putting up art prints, but we do own one original painting from Ayn Averett.    She's been working on a series of paintings over other paintings, and I heart them.  I love the way she painted the scene to spill-over onto the frame and you can see traces of her former street art days.  Creed begged to put this painting in his room (what little boy doesn't love robots and monsters?), but we have other plans for his room. We hung it in the entryway, which now looks much less empty.

I met Ayn when we were living in London ages ago and it's been so cool to watch her develop as an artist over the years.  Plus, it's pretty great when you know an artist well enough that they come over when you plead with them to help you hang their painting up and they even let you take their picture in front of their artwork elementary-school-art-show-style.

 She's pretty great.  I wish you could all meet her in person, but you can at least check out more of her work here.


Pixie said...

Love those paintings! So cool.

Larry said...

Still love it. And every time we pass it Ollie still smiles and points at it.