Friday, September 30, 2011

Preschool Soccer

So Creed joined his first soccer team this year.  He was pretty excited about the new shoes that he said helped him run super fast.
 Four-year-old soccer is one of the most entertaining sports around.  They are so terrible it is funny. At any given time there may be extra players on the field or kids stopping to practice summersaults or pulling crackers out of their pocket to have a snack.  Several times in every game you'll see the coach ask all the players to point in the direction they are supposed to go because they regularly score goals in the wrong goal.
We loved cheering for Creed.  My parents made it to almost every game and Larry's parents came to help out at the two games that I missed so he had quite the cheering section.
He's so big he was about a head taller than the rest of the team.

His favorite Gal Pal from our neighborhood, Lydia was on his team so most of the games he'd prefer to sit on the sidelines snacking with her.

  He was so thrilled to get his medal at the end of the game last night.  He's been dying to have a medal or a trophy and that's about the only thing that motivated him to sign up for soccer so Larry had a plan to run out and buy him a trophy if they didn't get anything because he would have been crushed.  Luckily, he was all smiles and he's been wearing his medal all day today.


Hillary said...

That's so cute! My little four-year-old is playing for the first time this year and she loves it! I love the picture of him with his medal.

Taunya said...

One of my favorite things about 4 year old soccer is when the ball gets away from them somehow and winds up between their feet. With their short lil legs, it almost looks like they are sitting on the ball while trying to figure out how to kick it. Smiles!!

Larry said...

Such fun. Kinda sad to see it over, especially as the weather is cooling down.