Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Our House - The Master Bath

 So two months before we bought this house, the previous owners gutted the old master bath (and I'm guessing the master closet too since we don't have one now) to put in a new master bath, and it is beautiful.
The only thing that we have changed is we put up a frosted film on the window because Creed's first time using this bathroom he yelled, "Look mom! I can watch cars while I'm going to the bathroom!" Awesome! And you get an even better view of them when you step out of the shower.
 It has double sinks, a great big bathtub
and behind the bathtub is a really big shower
 Those holes even let in some natural light.
They had an interior designer help with the space and you can tell. If only the other bathrooms in the house were as lovely . . .

Would you give up a big closet for a bathroom like this? (I do have a closet, it's an ikea wardrobe along one wall of our bedroom)


ellen said...

I'd rather have a closet. Or no huge window in the bathroom. :)

Krista Hansen said...

That bathroom is beautiful!! Since my bathroom is smaller than a closet and my closet is smaller than a closet, I'd take that bathroom 8 days a week!! Lucky girl. I love seeing your beautiful home.

Anna said...

That tile is really lovely.

And to me a set of ikea wardrobes can easily replace a built in closet. So I think that's a nice solution.

susan said...

Good choice on the frosted window. Wowzas.

But the more I do renovations the more I feel that professionals (when well chosen) are so worth the extra money and can make a project worth doing.

And I'd rather have a large bathroom then a closet. Its a reminder to only buy clothes you love and be generous in giving away those you no longer need/want.

I'm a big believer in nice bathrooms!

that's what she said...

what a beautiful bathroom. i'm just curious though, is that great big shower breezy??? I would think I'd be freezing in it!

Nikki said...

Not sure I could give up a closet - but that bathroom is stunning!

Krystal Trapnell said...

Beautiful! What an amazing summer you guys have had (judging from older posts). Can't wait to see you in person! And I won't even ask how Ollie is doing because now I know. :)