Thursday, September 15, 2011

Salt Lake City Spotlight - The Main Library

I know, I don't live in Salt Lake anymore, but I've been missing it a lot lately and I never posted about a few of my favorite places so I thought I'd post about them over the next few days.  The first stop, the Main Library Downtown.  If you've ever driven around downtown Salt Lake, I'm sure you've noticed this building, but have you had a chance to visit it?

Here are some photos from our visit with my friend Mary Ann and her girls last summer.

There are several gardens around the library where the kids love to run around.  The field of tulips on the East side of the building make my head turn each spring.
It's always an entertaining place to people watch and it doesn't hurt that Les Madeleines Bakery is across the street so you can pick up lunch and have a picnic.
The structure of the library itself is incredible. It was designed by Moshe Safdie and he deserved the award he won for it.
We always head to the children's section first.
If you go to the backwall, you'll discover some hidden rooms.
like grandma's attic
and the ice cave that makes me feel like I'm in a Superman Movie
And the children's department has it's own little garden with a wall of water

and more supersecret hiding spots.

But for the best view, you have to take the glass elevators up to the roof
don't miss all the cool artwork along the way and don't forget to see what's written on the elevators when they all line up.
The roof is the best picnic spot of all.  On my first visit, I was so surprised by how lush the garden up there is.
Be sure to check out your books before you head to the roof so you can enjoy the outdoor walk down from the roof.  You don't want to miss it!


Meg said...

Thanks for this post! I worked there about 9 years ago when the library first opened. I love that place. We are going to move back to Utah soon and that's one of the first places I want to take my little guy. Thanks for the great pictures. Makes me really excited to go check it out again.

ellen said...

Wow. I'm adding that to my SLC list for my next trip to the wild wild west.