Thursday, September 22, 2011

The latest

We have new barstools in our kitchen so we can finally get a little more use out of that island!
 We wanted something simple with just enough back that the boys wouldn't fall off, but we could still slide them all the way under the counter.  As an added bonus, that walnut finish matches our cabinets so nicely. Please ignore all the pinata making mess in the background.
In other news, you may have noticed that I still have not committed to a back splash.  I guess we need to get around to that, huh?


candice said...

I like them! And I like the way you've arranged the leaf plates. Pick a back splash and I'll take a nice picture of the kitchen for you when I come in October.

Nelson Family said...

Wow! I haven't ever seen anything like those. What a fun concept. I love all you are doing with this house. You have some serious style!

TX Girl said...

Love those stools. Where did you find them? The leaf plates- so unbelievably cool! Genius!

Mom said...

Mess? That's a joke - right? Love the stools - and LOVE seeing the leaf plates up. Guess that means you're really staying, doesn't it? I kept holding out hope that you'd somehow come home to Ohio. HUGS!