Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wish Lists?

Do you keep a wish list? I liked to be surprised by Christmas gifts, but I know what it's like to struggle to come up with a gift for someone that they actually want, but isn't just a gift certificate (not that gift certificates aren't nice now and then too).

I keep an Amazon wish list for myself and another one just for Creed. Larry complains that it's impossible to buy me a book because I already have a whole library full and he's always worried that I will already have whatever he buys me (a reasonable worry; it's happened more than once) so this makes it easy to choose a book he knows I want and don't already own. If my family wants to pick things from my list to gift to me, they know I will like it, but there's no pressure (my mom always asks me exactly what I want for Christmas and I hate to demand anything. Wouldn't you feel weird telling someone what they should go and buy you?)

Anyway, I know this sounds like a commercial, but I love Amazon's Universal Wish List feature, that allows you to add things from any website. Truthfully, I use my wish list and Creed's, just to remember things I would like to buy someday so when an event like Creed's birthday rolls around, it's easy to go to his list and scroll through and pick a few things without having to manage a million bookmarks that I've been saving.


I am Laura said...

I have a wish list for every person in my family. I love it because it keeps my thoughts about things we need organized too.

Mom said...

We can't believe you went to so much work for us. You are the BEST! How did you make all of those tiny letters. What patience - how very sweet of you. Merry Christmas!