Wednesday, December 30, 2009

OK, yes, we went overboard. WAY overboard!

I'm always a little hesitant to post about the things we got for Christmas because I don't want to seem like we're showing off (truth be told, I'm more than a little embarrassed by how much Creed ended up getting for Christmas but I started shopping so early that I didn't realize how much we had for him until we went to wrap it. Then Larry and I sorted through it all and knew he'd love each thing so we decided to go overboard on his last Christmas as an only child because we were just so excited about how much he would love each new toy).

At any rate, I want to have record of where these things came from and how much we loved them at the time because I think it will be fun for Creed to one day look back on. After sorting through all of Grandpa Ford's belongings this summer and not knowing the story behind so many of the things that were obviously dear to him, I'd like to be better about documenting some of the things that are special to us and why.

Creed's big request from Santa was a bike with training wheels so this is what Santa brought him:
See what I mean about overboard? Our two year old, does not need a BMX bike with pegs, but it's actually a really big bike (with 16" wheels) so I think he will be riding it for years and we wanted it to last. Now if only the snow on our sidewalks would melt so he could ride it.

The other thing Creed has desperately wanted for months is this little toy yellow beetle. Seriously, months! We saw it back in September and he begged and begged to have it but I thought it was a waste of money for a toy he would only spend five minutes playing with. Ummm, I was wrong. He has mentioned it EVERY DAY since then. And when we're driving and we see a yellow beetle (which take my word for it, happens more often than you would think) he always shouts, "A YELLOW BEETLE!!!!!!" and then in the saddest whimper you have ever heard he adds, "I really want one." Well, Santa finally brought him one and he was thrilled.

We bought him a couple more toys from this construction set, including the crane, which seems to be everyone's favorite, but I'm not sure where we will put that huge thing.

And this really adorable version of memory.

My mom made Creed a little apron and chef's hat because every time he pretends to cook or helps me in the kitchen he asks for a hat like Ratatouille. He was obviously thrilled!

We also got him a set of automoblox minis. You can mix and match the pieces to build different cars.
And a camera we found on clearance somewhere. He has been very busy taking photos.

And we knew we couldn't go wrong with a yellow coat or doll stroller (but now he refuses to wear any other coat, even when it's freezing outside, and this one is really meant to be a raincoat)

The only other toy that he's requested lately was a toaster for his toy kitchen. We've been eating a lot of pretend toast since Christmas.

Santa spoiled me too. I got this Eames knock-off rocking chair that I've been wanting for Tiny Ford (even though he doesn't have a room, but he will someday, right?)

And this coat for myself
Which hopefully will fit after Tiny Ford arrives!
And I'm really grateful for some wonderful gifts from my family. Like little mini pie-molds that Keri knew that I would love.
And a new necklace that I got to design with my mom with beads from my Aunt Liana and my Grandma Borup (Although it makes me really nervous to wear expensive jewelry. I'm always worried that I will break or lose it. Does anyone else feel that way?). Marissa, Candice, and my Mom each have one too, but Candice and my Mom have originals designed by my Grandma.
And Cat made me these gloves just like Bella's in New Moon. She said she made a pair for each of her girls and it made my heart melt. I wish she could have been there to see how much I truly love them.
And Santa remembered Larry too. He got two new suits (because he's starting job interviews and suits were buy-one-get-one-free when we happened to be shopping the day after Thanksgiving).


Shar said...

it's so hard NOT to go overboard! I ended up saving several gifts for Kapria's birthday...but it kills me to have to wait until September to give them to her! She just might be earning some of them with her good behavior chart.

And I have to ask...where did you find that awesome memory game? I have been wanting to get one for Kapria to start working on some new skills.

You're looking great, by the way! I hope we can get together sometime. Any book conferneces coming up?

Mom said...

Steph -
I am SO glad you like the mittens! Roz's are white, Nikki's are charcoal & Elle's are grey. I thought to have you all open them at once - but that made you cry on Mothers' Day - anyway, I hope they're warm! Happy new year.

Nikki said...

Love, love, love the coat! Do you think Creed would use diapers for that baby? Yes, I am looking for ways to capitalize on the thing I now know how to make. : )

Danielle and the Boys said...

Hi! I just have to say that you are so amazing and creative! I look at some of the things you do and my jaw just drops. lol. What a lucky boy Creed is to have parents as devoted and FUN as you two! :)

Anyway, I'm in absolute love with your coat you got for Christmas. Can I ask where it's from?

Stephanie Ford said...

The coat is from Modcloth. it was a bit of a splurge for me, but I really love it.

They have a lot of beautiful coats so be ready to be tempted!