Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Living in a Winter Wonderland

What's the best way to spend a snowy day? Creed decided to forget about getting dressed, carefully select some tunes,
and get busy dancing to stay warm.

I honestly think he made it about an hour before he was too exhausted to keep dancing and jumping.
Then when Larry made it home, it was time to bundle up and play in the snow.
I'm sure that you can gather it from these photos, but Creed told me that he was SUPER HAPPY!


Brittany said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I know it's been forever but as we got our Christmas books out to read, our favorites are from the Ford family and so I wanted to say hi!!! Congrats on #2. Looks like you guys have been loving your time in Utah. We miss you all!!!

Mom said...

Blackmail photos! You behave yourswelf, young man, or thewse pictures will show up in your High School yearbook!

David said...

So I guess it is just the age, then. Many are the nights that Audrey declares "I want to be naked!" OK nights, mornings... afternoons. I was starting to wonder.