Friday, December 11, 2009

I Spy Christmas Around Our House

Stockings hung by the chimney with care - check
Creed's bookshelf filled with some of our Christmas books - check
Christmas books filling many other nooks in the house - check
Nativity scenes all around - check (my mom got me this one in Mexico)
Antlers ready and waiting for our next outing - check
Reindeer prancing around our chandelier - check
Bookcase filled with holiday cheer - check (those puppets are from The Land of Nod and my friend Nikki had the idea of filling them with tissue paper so they would stand up, brilliant!)
Creed's tiny tree carefully decorated and topped with a miniature version of the star on our tree - check
Letters to Santa in the process - check ( think I got the idea to decorate using my typewriting like this from this blog)
Holiday treats delivered to our door from secret elves in the neighborhood - check
Yep, it's really feeling like Christmas time around here!


Melissa said...

I would love to hear what some of your favorite Christmas books for children are. I always enjoy your book recommendations. Sad, but we only have a few Christmas book and I'd like to get my kids more. I just don't know which ones to get.

tania said...

GORGEOUS! i completely *adore* the reindeer prancing and the black & white photo of Santa....and the Dear Santa, on the typewriter....and........well, i'll stop. i adore it all!

ps. thank you for your email response. i haven't had a moment to repond and thank you properly--soon. :o)

Anna said...

I'm loving those reindeer around the chandeleir!

This week our ward had an enrichment around talking about Christmas traditions -- most of it focused on making it Christ centered. One idea was to take your Christmas books, wrap them up individually and let your child(ren) select one each night that you open and read to them as a family. As a book lover I thought you'd like that one, we're hoping to incorporate it at our house. I like the idea of mixing a surprise with story time--and making it look a little fuller under the tree with wrapped books.

the mom said...

and look at those lovely paperwhites! ;)

Molly said...

I love the reindeer!! Whereever did you find those cuties?! Enjoy your holiday!