Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our 2009 Christmas Cards

This year, our friends Kirk and Eva offered to letterpress our Christmas cards at Sycamore Street Press, an offer that we could not possibly refuse. I've been so excited about our cards so if you haven't received yours, please just skip this post because I couldn't wait any longer to share. They are about 5" x 14" and then I scored them and folded them up.
so when you unfolded them, they looked like this. I used the heads from our Craft Pudding custom stamps and then I altered them a bit (especially mine) and drew the bodies.
Sycamore Street Press used really thick luxurious paper that really showed off the beautiful impression the letterpress made. I think it was the perfect way to share our happy news with any of our friends who might have missed it.
I knew I wanted to use wrap around labels on the envelopes, but I didn't have time to design my own so I found a really cute free download here and I just adjusted the size a little to meet my needs.
(sorry the color on these photos is a little weird, it's been stormy around here so the lighting was not the best)


Amy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your cards!

tania said...

don't ever stop sharing your talents on this blog......please. i loooooooove the inspiration! your cards are darling. so simple yet unbelievably detailed.

katherine marie said...

your cards are UNBELIEVABLY cute!!!!