Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Christmas Festivities

Our Christmas Eve was a little different this year because for the first time ever, we were able to get together with both sides of the family. Larry's mom and stepdad are temporarily living in Utah until the end of January so we had a Ford family dinner at our house (and we missed you terribly Keri, Matt, & Jack!). We are so awesome that we didn't end up with a single good picture to share. I guess that we were busy cooking.

After that, we headed down to spend the night at my parents in Provo. Creed was tired, but we did squeeze in the tradition reading of Luke 2 and opening of pajamas before he went to bed.

Creed and Larry looked so cute playing together in their red pajamas.
Then my family stayed up into the wee hours working on a quilt for my little brother's girlfriend, Brenna. Isn't that so cute of my parents? Eli planned to propose on Christmas, but wanted it to be a surprise so he rushed to get a few big gifts together so Brenna wouldn't be suspicious.
Creed slept in until about nine on Christmas morning and then we lined up at the top of the stairs and said a prayer in thanks for our Savior to start the day off right.
Poor Creed was not feeling well and spent most of the morning like this and insisting that he did NOT want to open any presents.
After some Tylenol, he perked up and opened presents off and on over the next few hours due to a lot of encouragement from the rest of us. By the time Marissa's family came by in the afternoon, he was full of cheer.

And Eli even finished hand stitching the binding on his quilt for Brenna before he had to give it to her.
Christmas night, Eli took Brenna to the Tree Room at Sundance and proposed (she was actually surprised because he told her he had planned a special dinner because he knew she was hoping to get engaged on Christmas day and he felt ready bad that the ring was not ready so he couldn't make it happen). Even though he knew she would say yes, he looked so nervous and cute beforehand.

So the best part of Christmas day was adding a new member to the family! Congratulations Eli and Brenna! We can't wait for the big day in June!
Candice took these photos this summer.


J.R. and Meg +2 said...

How cute that you and your mom have matching pj's, I love Creed's little man pj's, and Larry's are just awesome! Great quilt and how fun to get the whole family involved in helping out your brother to propose--exciting!

Laurel said...

Such fun pictures! And I am so excited for Eli and Brenna. What fun Christmas memories!

Anonymous said...

I love and want that quilt! It's so beautiful, and what a precious gift. Congrats to the couple, and Merry Christmas to the rest of you.

Brian Kendall said...

Larry, I will never stop mocking you for those pajamas and allowing yourself to be photographed wearing them. Never.