Thursday, December 24, 2009

Simple gift tags

Speaking of our stamps from Craft Pudding, I used them to make labels for our presents this year. I think they turned out really cute, and I love that they are reusable so we can save them and use then again next year (they are on really heavy cotton paper)I also cut up a couple of the Christmas cards that I messed up and made tags out of those too.
I think my favorite thing about them is that Creed can look at the gifts and knows which ones are for him, even though he can't read, and that's caused a lot of excitement at our house!
PS- this reminds me of a couple of essential craft tools that you might want to ask Santa to put in your stocking: a set of acrylic letter stamps similar to this one (you can line them up to spell whatever you want and you can see right through them to stamp in just the right spot. I used them to stamp "to" at the top of my labels) and a screw punch (I have this one from the Martha Stewart line. It makes it easy to punch holes anywhere and come with three sizes of holes that store in the handle). I also love the Martha Stewart bone folder and craft knife; Santa put them in my stocking last year.


Mom said...

We sure do miss you guys -
Erney Hugs -

ClistyB said...

Your striped paper and polka dot paper.....last so long doesn't it? I have the same and I can't seem to use it up :)

Anna said...

I'm rather in love with this idea.

If only I had custom stamps of our faces....maybe someday.

Shar said...

hi steph!
i had to come find this idea again because i remember reading it last year and loving it. i'm going to see if my husband will draw some for our family (he's an artist). i know my girls will love being able to see who each gift is for. thanks!