Saturday, November 21, 2009

More t-shirts and onesies

I had a few more friends who wants to learn to freezer paper stencil so we got together last week. Sorry if you're sick of seeing things, but I'm addicted! I made this one using a hybrid of the elephant I designed for the Sycamore Street Press alphabet print and this t-shirt.I made it so the tail wrapped around the back of the shirt.
And then I had so make some onesies for Tiny Ford too!
Too bad that I forgot to take photos of everyone else's projects!


Taunya said...

Can't wait to see what your visions are for the babies room. Are you just going to use Creeds old stuff or light it up with something different?

lish said...

These are too cute!

Can we make some on Friday? Or you can just talk me through it so I can make my own?

Funnt T-Shirts said...

wow such a nice Design of animals for small kids & collection of T-Shirts.

I'm Lovng It

here i have some more collection

Molly Malia said...

how did you make those?? they are so cute!!! please show me!

Anna said...

So I saw your tutorial on freezer paper stenciling from the robot tees...but I'm not sure how you did that onesie with the polka dots--did you paint those polka dots or is that some sort of fabric applique?