Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lisa's Baby Shower - Part 1 - The Invitations

Last weekend, I hosted a shower for my lovely friend Lisa, who is expecting a baby boy to arrive in the middle of December. I made the invitations myself, and I had to make 30 of them so I tried to keep things simple (you know I tend to go overboard). For some reason baby girl themes come so much easier to me (ironic considering that I only have a son) so after some brainstorming, I decided to go with paper airplanes because I thought it would be cute to have paper airplanes all over at the shower for decorations, and I've never seen anyone do that.

So here's the invite:
I made everything turquoise and orange because those are the prominent colors that Lisa used to decorate her nursery. I picked up some scrapbooking paper in those colors and cut them up and folded hundreds of tiny paper airplanes during our long drive to and from Disneyland. Then I used them like confetti and stuffed some in each envelope. I even found paper from American Crafts that was orange on one side and had paper airplanes on the other side that I printed the invites on so this is what they looked like from the back.
I designed some quick corresponding labels and printed them on my inkjet printer, but if they get even a tiny bit wet, they run all over the place so I covered each one with clear packing tape and cut them out.
Doesn't it always feel good to look at a stack like this that you have completed?
More shower details to come soon!


Laurel said...

While I still might consider folding hundreds of tiny paper airplanes "overboard", I believe you hit the nail on the head with this one. Absolutely adorable! And yes, looking at that final stack of labeled, addressed, and stamped envelopes is one of the simple pleasures in life. (Don't tell anyone, but I might actually look at it over and over again...) Well done.

Lisa R. Lewis said...

you are the best BFF ever

darcie said...

you know you are the coolest mom when you are featured on ohdeedoh. and you definitely deserve that title.

Melissa said...

This shower turned out amazing! I love your onesie idea, and will be using that soon in a shower for my sis-in-law. Thanks for always being such a creative inspiration!