Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lisa's Baby Shower - Part 2 - The Shower!

So I woke up the morning of Lisa's shower knowing that my house was a mess and I had no party decorations since I'd been busy planning games and activities. Whoops! Luckily, I bought extra paper for the invites so I started cutting and sewing and ten minutes later, I had a simple garland.
I also made a bunch of paper airplanes that I hung around my chandelier with fishing line (Pardon the backlit picture with no one smiling)
I was so grateful that Lisa's mom was in charge of food and I only had to gather drinks. I collected a bunch of different orange drinks in individual bottles and thought I went overboard and had way too many, but ended up with just enough.
And I couldn't resist these adding these blue paper straws.
I used extra scraps of paper to put little flags around one of the cake plates
and little paper airplanes for the mini red velvet cupcakes that Lisa's mom made.
She did such a great job with the food. She even made cookies using only orange M&M's
And had a lot of orange and blue candy.

The other thing that made things look really festive were the big round orange balloons Lisa's mom ordered, because Lisa LOVES balloons.

I hope Lisa felt spoiled on her special day!


Lisa R. Lewis said...

boy did I ever feel special. You did such an amazing job. I was giddy from all of the extra details that went into everything. it was a magical party, probably the best I've been given -correction- it is the best I've been given.

Chelsea said...

You are beyond creative and amazing. I wish I had the creativity that you have in your pinky finger. WHen it comes around to Holland's first birthday...I am coming your way for some help!

erita said...

where o where did you get those blue striped paper straws? i have been looking all over for something like that!

wandering nana said...

You really should hire yourself out so other people can have wonderful showers too. Love all your cute ideas.

Stephanie Ford said...

I bought the paper straws at a little shop in my neighborhood called Children's Hour, but you can buy them online here

Meg said...

I don't remember where I found your blog but I keep coming back because you are so talented!!! I can't believe this shower! I love the paper airplane theme, and that it looks so fancy with just some airplanes and a garland hung. Adorable onsies... that will be one stylin' baby!

ashley.white said...

greetings from denver :)
i was just curious how you make your paper banners/garland?! is there a trick to the sewing of the thread in between each triangle?
[ps, i LOVE your blog... i check it like every day!]

Melissa said...

You are one AMAZINGLY talented lady! I love this shower you threw. We recently threw my sis-in-law a shower and used your onesie idea. Everyone loved it. Thanks so much!