Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Creed makes a jack-o-lantern

All week, Creed pointed out to me that our pumpkin didn't have a face yet. He was desperate for one by Halloween and the idea made me feel a little sick (yep, 23 weeks and still-not over morning sickness). Since Larry was out of town, I had no choice but to call my dad and ask for some help, and boy did he come through.

We spent Halloween in Provo with my parents and they took good care of us. Creed requested a happy and silly pumpkin and that's just what he got.
It was out on the porch whole we were trick-or-treated and someone came around and gave my dad an award for the best carved pumpkin. Isn't that a great idea? Trick-or-treating can be quite a selfish event and what a good way to help kids get in the mode of giving too. As you're trick-or-treating you could have an award for the best pumpkin, the best costume, the scariest house, etc.
Thanks for everything Dad!

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Larry said...

It is silly indeed! Thanks to Papa.