Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Creed takes a Trip to Zions National Park

So the second weekend in October we had no plans and I IM'd Lisa at work to ask her what she was doing that night. The answer, nothing. So I asked if she and Tyler were up for a spontaneous trip to Zions National Park and a few hours later, we were off.

We spent the night at Lisa's sister April's (thanks April!!!!!) and spent the next day roaming Zions. Mind you, Lisa and I are very pregnant and Creed is only two so we only made it through a few hikes, but it was such a beautiful way to spend the day.
Creed was so good about hiking a lot of the way by himself.
The only part I regret is that we forgot to bring along Creed's National Park passport to be stamped. At least Lisa took these pictures so we can remember the trip well.
The weather was perfect!

That's Larry and Tyler under that giant tree. Don't these pictures make you want to abandon your computer and head outside?


Larry said...

Who is that girl with Tyler, the one in pants?

Shauna said...

Steph - you look great! We miss you guys so much!