Thursday, October 05, 2006


What's that all over my lawn, you ask? Hail! Giant, scary balls of Hail. We had a crazy storm last night around 6:30. The hail only lasted about five minutes, but it was incredibly loud and the tornado sirens started and I thought we were going to lose a few of our windows. Larry went out when we thought the hail was over to show you a little of our surprise, but right after I took this picture a big piece of hail hit him right on the head and he had to head back inside.

I waited until about 15 minutes after the storm cleared up and the hail melted a lot, but it was still huge.
And yes, there was damage. There are holes in the siding on the west side of our house. I knew it could dent, but I didn't know hail could punch right through it! I think we're going to have to have someone check out our roof too. Oh the joys of homeownership! It's a good thing we have insurance.

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Larry said...

Note the abnormally-colored sky in my picture. It was a CRAZY storm. And the hail pellet that hit me was approximately the size of a softball. Approximately.