Monday, October 16, 2006

Church week

Last week was quite a “church week” Tuesday was enrichment (which I ended up skipping and Larry ended up going to so he could help with baby-sitting), Wednesday I spent the evening visiting teaching, Thursday I hosted the ward book club, then Friday we went to a dinner for married couples at the institute and listened to the temple president speak. I thought we would have a free Saturday, but we ended up being asked to speak in sacrament meeting so we spent part of Saturday and Sunday morning writing our talks. Since Larry got the phone call I didn’t find out what my topic for my talk was until about 4:30 on Friday afternoon and it was “sharing personal experiences people have had with the book of Mormon that have strengthened their testimonies of prophets”. Uhh, what? Kind of specific, and I couldn’t find any personal experiences to share so I called my dad a little panicked thinking that since he is a bishop he would know exactly what I should talk about and he would have some great stories for me. No such luck, but he told me that I could talk about whatever I wanted and the bishoprich wouldn’t do anything about it and no one in the congregation would know. I was tempted to take his advice, but I stuck with the topic and with a little help from Larry I think it turned out fine. I’m just glad it’s over. It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t have a lot of notice because I get so nervous when I think about having to speak in public but I didn’t have a lot of time to stress about it.

Of course we did find time to watch the OSU football game with friends on Saturday. It was our turn to cook so Larry and I made chili from a recipe Cat developed. It’s my favorite chili ever. I’m not much of a cook and this recipe has to cook for at least two hours, but it’s totally worth it (on special occasions anyway). Larry bought enough ingredients to double the recipe, but we didn’t need to so he ended up making it twice, once on Saturday for the game and again on Sunday so we could invite some friends over for a late dinner. These two lovely little ladies ended up being part of the party. Aren’t they adorable?

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Melinda said...

I so feel your pain! But, it sounds like a lot of fun (except the talk of course).