Thursday, October 05, 2006

Craft Projects

I'm in love with these purses! Your favorite book and a cute purse all in one, isn't that such a clever idea? I don't think that I can afford one, but I think that I could make my own. I even found a web site that sells handles like the ones that they use.

The other fun project that I've seen lately is this cool All About Me Album from Creating Keepsakes. I'm totally NOT a scrapbooker, but it looks like it's laid out for you with easy directions so it would be simple to put together and it's a great price for that amount of stuff. Plus $3 from the purchase of every album goes to support breast cancer initiatives so you really can't go wrong.

You can see some fun examples of some of the finished albums on Lisa Bearson's site and Ali Edward's blog.


Kristi Brooke said...

ok it's offical i love your blog.
thanks for the great ideas.

the other great handle website is MJ trims. i have a link on my blog.

keep the ideas coming girl!

Elizabeth said...

Those All about me books are very cute. Thanks for the tip. I think I could even pull off one of those.

Melinda said...

We just did a version of these all about me books in Enrichment. They were alphabet books for older toddlers to help them learn their letters. I can take no credit for the idea, but I love my book!