Monday, October 09, 2006

Apples & Pumpkins

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday so Larry and I picked up our friends Chris and Rebekah and their daughter Ellie and headed out to the Lynd Fruit Farm to pick some delicious Suncrisp and Melrose apples.It's a good things we brought friends because I don't think Larry really enjoys farms, and he didn't pick a single apple. He said it was because he was the designated photographer, but he wouldn't even taste an apple while we were there because he said they were covered with nasty pesticides. What are we going to do with this city boy? Ellie can testify that the apples are delicious.
We stopped at the farmers market and picked up some fun pumpkins and some fudge for Larry. Larry said that the fudge alone was worth the trip.


cherie said...

hi stephanie!
didn't know how else to contact you so i figured i just leave a comment here.
just wanted to say thanks so much for your compliment about the cards on scrapnfonts. you totally made my day!!! can't thank you enough.
and i LOVE your stuff as well. so cute and fun!!
thanks again!
-cherie mask

Elizabeth said...

Fudge would make any trip worth it for me. Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Steph! I have officially looked at your fun. I'm now addicted. I feel like I am spying. You lead such a fun life. I need a brain like yours. Which is one reason why I don't blog. It would be the same kids drive me crazy. And I found some gray hair. Or today, I didn't do my hair or face again. lovely huh? HELLO the Larry's and Stephanie's.


Kim said...

Steph: Your hair is fixed the same as when you were little but it used to look just like Ellie's. Sometimes I want to go back and relive a day with my babies. How did you all grow up so fast? I miss those butterfly kisses and you climbing up in my lap with a book in your hand saying, "Read, read." Remember all the times we put up Halloween decorations together, made special costumes of whatever you wanted to be, and carved pumpkins? All I can say is that you better move close so I can do it all over again with your children. Love, Mom

Larry said...

The fudge was indeed worth the trip. Ummm, fudge...

What a nice message from your Mom.

And Kamiko - hello! You really need to do a blog.