Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Larry

Blogger seems to be having a bad day so we’ll see if I can ever get this to post.

Larry turned 31 on Friday. We both had to spend the day at work (it was Larry’s last day on his GI rotation, yay! I’m really looking forward to his rotation this month in the student health clinic. Who knows, we might actually have time to do something fun!) I’m afraid that I didn’t make his birthday as exciting as I could have because I’ve been feeling so sick, but hopefully that will end now that I’ve been on antibiotics for a few days. We were able to go out to dinner with our friends Donny and Jessica. Larry wanted good seafood and in Columbus, Ohio that leaves us with about one option so we headed to Cameron Mitchell’s Fishmarket. The food was good and Larry even got a free birthday dessert.

And in answer to your question, “Does he ever make a normal face in pictures?” here’s another picture.

I think Larry loves having his birthday around Halloween, his favorite holiday which also happens to include huge amounts of sugar. Keri and Matt sent him a Halloween card in place of a birthday card and I don’t think he could have been happier with it.

We spent most of our weekend watching General Conference and enjoying the wonderful fall weather. Larry watched the Priesthood session and then headed over to Jeremiah’s to watch the OSU game, which was Tivoed. I thought he would be too busy to continue a tradition that he started after we got married, but he still remembered. After every Priesthood session he comes home with flowers. This orchid is beautiful, but I’m not too confident in my ability to keep it alive.


diane said...

Boy that dessert that Larry has sure looks good!

Kristi Brooke said...

i am totally dying over the flower tradition. love it.

One year i brought lunch into the clinic that jeff was in on his birthday. I had little toothpicks that had flags that said happy birthday with a photo of him when he was 5. i thought i was so creative and he would love it. i think he was a little embarassed yet he never said he was.
so i don't make that big a deal for his birthday anymore. a good home cooked meal makes him plenty happy.
i love the halloween tree, we have one we make out of spray painted sticks yours seems more durable.
thanks again for sharing your great ideas.

kim borup said...

Steph: I mailed your halloween ornaments today. I hope they arrive unbroken. I really wrapped them in bubble wrap so keep your fingers crossed. They will look so cute on your tree. There are 12 of them. Love, Mom

Tony said...

Happy belated birthday, Lar!

Steph - I was cleaning out my email at work and saw an old one from you about your book club and followed a link here. Great pics and everything!

Larry said...

Happy Birthday to me!! The sad part is that I ate that entire GIANT piece of cake, minus sharing with Steph and the Zoz's.

And thanks Tony for birthday wishes.

Lastly - update: the orchid is still alive.