Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ward Halloween Party

Larry and I were in charge of a ward Halloween party last night and we had a lot of fun. We started off with a pumpkin carving contest and served donuts and really good rootbeer that our friends the Andersons made. Then all of the kids went trick-or-treating around the building.

There were some really fun costumes. Since Larry and I forgot to take any pictures of ourselves I hope our friends won't mind us posting these.

The Harris family won best overall costumes. Nate is a dentist and his costume says "MolarNator" and his wife, Shannon, is dressed as the toothfairy.

The Beazers also went with a family theme, their daughter is a giraffe, Quintin is a zoo keeper and Brooke is a tree. The won the most creative costume award because who thinks to dress up as a tree?
The Roberts family won the prize for scariest costumes (pardon the fog in their picture)
And The Wallises' son won the prize for funniest costume. This isn't the best picture of his costume, but he was a body builder.
And this picture of the Blackers daughter as the gymnast Keri Strug is just cute.Thanks to everyone who participated; you made it a lot of fun!


lisa h. said...

Ok, the Kerri Strug is awesome! I love that! Oh man, I know what Calder will be next year!!!

Larry said...

The Halloween Party did turn out well. Who knew you can make homemade root beer? I do now! Delicious!!

Things turned out well, primarily because of Steph's excellent planning.