Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creed takes a trip to Bear Lake

We spent the first weekend of October at Bear Lake with our friends Rachel and Jeff (for free, might I add because Jeff's sister let us use her condo. You'll notice that's the theme of all the places that we went this month: free places to stay, which made for cheap travel).

We spent most of the weekend relaxing, watching General Conference, and eating some amazing food, but the chilly weather didn't keep us from venturing out to visit the lake.
Creed was thrilled with all of the tiny shells all over the beach and didn't hesitate to soak himself in the lake.

We even found a letterbox along our way, which took us along this cool boardwalk.
And of course, many raspberry shakes were sampled since that's what Bear Lake is known for.


Steph said...

You gotta love Bear Lake! I miss it so much. I think it is so neat that you guys have gone so many fun places for free. Those are always the best trips. We went to the Circleville Pumpkin Show last Saturday and thought of you guys cuz you took us the first year we went and now it is tradition. I'm glad to see yu guys are doing well. We miss you here in Ohio.

R said...

Steph! Weirdest connection again. I'm pretty sure Rachel is a Rachel Spek I grew up with. We were in the same ward. She'll probably just remember me as a super dorky girl with glasses. But anyhow . . . that is another weird connection we have.
Hope you're well! I'm jealous of those shakes!