Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lake Tahoe 2009

My parents go to my grandparents' cabin at Lake Tahoe at the end of every summer so for the second year in a row, Creed and I tagged along without Larry, who was busy at work. This year Candice and her kids made the trip too, along with my little brother, Eli, and his girlfriend, Brenna, so we had a fun group. Creed and Cole loved feeding the bluejays on the deck every morning.
We spent a lot of time at the beach, and Creed couldn't have been happier.
He spent a lot of his time pretending to be an alligator crawling through the water.
(Candice took a lot of these pictures with my camera, which is why they look way better than most of my pictures)
The boys had fun making a sandcastle with my dad.
Creed loved the sand and kept jumping in the water and then rolling in the sand (it made me feel uncomfortable just watching, but he loved it)
We hiked down to Emerald Bay. Creed hiked the whole mile down on his own, but thank goodness I had Eli and Brenna to help me carry him most of the way back up that steep hike.
I think when Candice took this picture of Eli and Brenna, Grant and my dad were under that dock catching and releasing crawdads. This picture is making me miss summer a bit.
We also always have to go miniature golfing while we're at Lake Tahoe. Creed wandered through all three courses checking everything out. He loved this cannon that you load your golfball into.

He was pretty busy during the whole trip, but I did manage to catch a picture of him with my handsome Grandpa Carr.
The only thing that would have made it better would have been Larry making the trip or Marissa and her family.


.Amber. said...

awww looks & sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! I've always heard great things about Lake Tahoe :)

Melinda said...

Honestly, Creed is the cutest kid ever. My girls keep asking to play with him again.

Heather said...

Can I please move to Lake Tahoe? It seems so idyllic. Creed is absolutely adorable. Sorry Larry couldn't make it. Miss you.

Himni said...

Nice pictures. I stayed in that cabin once, and it was so enjoyable. Your grandpa is looking great and seems to have more hair than I do.

--Daniel (Wendy's brother)

Brooke said...

Love time at Tahoe. Too bad the cabin isn't big enough to hold us all- a big cousins week would be fun (but I don't know that gma's sanity could take it :) ).

The pictures at Antelope island are amazing. You guys always seem to be doing something fun and new! Where do you come up with these ideas!?!