Sunday, May 25, 2008

New York, New York

We found ourselves in an odd position this week. Larry had a whole week of vacation and we had absolutely nothing planned. We'd been holding off at first because we didn't know what would happen with selling our house and once that worked out we held off making plans in case we had to head to Utah to find a place to live, but then that worked out. So what's a family to do with a free week? . . . Visit the Stringhams of course. This is not the first time we've called them spur of the moment and asked if we could crash with them, but this time it was especially exciting because they no longer live in rural Ohio or Louisville (which we love but have already explored). No, now the Stringhams live in Brooklyn! Nine ours later, we were sitting on their couch.

I'm worn out and should be sleeping so you just get a few pictures from our first day. Candice was at the Stationary Show with some other Creating Keepsakes editors so Mark had the day off to watch Cole and they headed to Central Park with us. Creed got to travel in true New York style, listening to an Ipod on the subway.
We trekked through Central Park. Spending time at one of the playgrounds and then the boat pond.It's always so weird being in New York because everything is new and yet familiar because it's been in a million movies so you begin to feel like you're living inside of a movie. There were even filming this one as we walked by the main fountain. (We have super cheesy smiles because we had to hold that pose while other curious onlookers walked by and Mark waited for a pause to snap the photo)We walked by the Strawberry Fields Memorial and had to snap a photo for our brother-in-law Mike, the biggest Beatles fan that we know.Then we had to let Creed check out Time Square.We were happy to head back to Brooklyn a little early because Creed and I were still feeling a little under the weather. I love this picture of the Stringham boys on their stoop because it totally shows their personalities. I don't know how Candice takes such amazing photos of them because they are constantly making faces like this.We stayed home with Grant and Cole for the evening while Candice and Mark went out and our evening involved fort buildingAnd eating pizza. which Larry insisted that we eat folded in half New York style.Creed doesn't care how he has to eat it as long as he gets pizza. I swear on our trip home today I heard him say the word "pizza". He is absolutely Larry's son.


emily said...

Yay! So fun!! I feel the same way about NY, especially Central Park. It's like you've been there before because of all the movies!

Larry said...

I'd like to add that Creed was the hit of a crowded subway train when he had his Ipod headphones in, because he was rocking out, bobbing his head to the music and amusement of all who looked on.

It's also funny that in almost none of our pictures taken this trip have Creed looking at the camera. There was so much to look at in New York that he rarely focused on a camera for a picture.

And I heard it too, Creed said "pizza." I am proud.

Kim said...

I'm glad you had such a great time. I can't wait to see more pictures and hear/read more about your adventures.

Anna said...

pizza is a hard word for a kid, way to go Creed! and good luck with the move you guys, where in SL did you decide to settle down?

Melinda said...

What fun! And I'm glad you have a place all worked out for your move! We're excited to have you here soon!